Scaffold Access & Containment

Our unionized tradespeople are well-trained, equipped and managed to meet requirements for Support Scaffolding and/or Containment. Industry leading EHS and QAQC programs are employed in tandem with cost effective lean Project Management practices to complete the assembly, modification, maintenance and dismantle of all types of Support Scaffolding and Containment Systems. Applications are numerous within mines, petrochemical plants, refineries, and pulp and paper plants throughout the region. Whether for structures, process piping, turbines, exchangers, valves, other mechanical systems, or personal protection, our Support Scaffolding and/or Containment Solutions are available for all applications within industrial settings.

Support Scaffolding and/or Containment may be provided in tandem with our Insulation, Coating, and Painting service offerings.

Scaffold Solutions carries on-site inventory for Tube & Clamp and Ring-Lock Scaffold systems, and may mobilize labor and material at request.


Tube & Clamp Scaffold Systems

Tube & Clamp Scaffold Systems are easy to assemble, adaptable to nearly all types of scaffold projects, and provides utmost flexibility in construction which is especially useful within confined spaces or where unconventional dimensions may be required, it’s the lightest of our Support Scaffold systems available and remains to feature durability and strength for industrial applications.

Additional Benefits:

  • Compatible with other scaffold systems
  • Only four basic parts are needed for assembly
  • Clamps fasten to both 1.90″ and 1.69″ tubing
  • Steel tubing is durable, lightweight and strong
  • Tubing and clamps are galvanized to reduce rust and corrosion for a longer product life



Ring-Lock Scaffold Systems

Ring-Lock Scaffold Systems are assembled in a straightforward and cost-effective manner, especially for applications where a Support Scaffold may be built from the ground-up and only needs to be typical in dimension, its components are quality engineered and designed to lock together forming a high-strength durable Support Scaffold system that can be assembled in a safe timely manner.

Additional Benefits:

  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Quality engineered components
  • Each rosette can hold up to eight connections
  • No loose fittings such as nuts, bolts or clamps
  • Flexible system allows assembly and dismantle virtually anywhere

Containment Systems

Sheets of hoarding and/or shrink wrap may also be employed to create a durable plastic skin around scaffold structures, providing a barrier to hold in heat and protecting against environmental concerns.