Our Services

Here With You, Through Your Lifecycles

Scaffold Solutions sees itself filling a vital role in the smooth running of its clients’ operations, with our teams available to employ a multi-disciplinary suite of services, able to work diligently around the clock to ensure large, secure industrial assets are safely kept in full working order – providing services that play a part in capacity building and sustaining production for mines and petrochemical plants throughout the region. 

Our skilled and experienced people provide essential industrial services throughout the lifecycle of heavy industrial assets, it does so by drawing on all of its resources and capabilities and maintaining strong and continuous working relationships from the build phase, through an asset’s working life, all the way to extension of life and decommissioning projects.

In this section of the website you can learn more about our multi-disciplinary suites of relates service lines, all which we can provide as your single point of contact.


Scaffold Access & Containment

If you need access to perform construction, maintenance or inspections, our company can provide Temporary Structure, Rope Access, and Remote Sensing, in addition we may assist in Shoring & Containment, effectively enabling safe construction and maintenance of industrial facilities.

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Insulation, Coating & Cladding

If you need Insulation, Removable Covers or Metal Cladding, our company offers a range of material, fabrication and installation services for virtually any industrial setting, structures, process piping, turbines, exchangers, valves, and other mechanical systems.


Site Maintenance

If you need Road & Grounds or Structures maintained, our company is signatory to several unions and can staff Maintenance Management Professionals able to provide basic maintenance and general services.