About Us

Who We Are?

Scaffold Solutions is a family owned-managed aboriginal business stemming from Alberta’s Wood Buffalo district, largely employing those of First Nations and others local to the area, we provide a suite of related service lines to those operating heavy industrial facilities across the region.

Social Responsibility

We’re proud of the fact that our family, all of those that belong to this business, and its’ clients call the same place home, that we live and work and do buisness in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Out of respect and care for each other, safety comes first in all of what we do as an organization. We trust that all of those involved with us will join us in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.

All of us live nearby where we work, and hope that our organization can have a positive impact on First Nations and all others making up the communities surrounding the projects where we serve.

What We Do?

Scaffold Solutions provides a suite of related multi-disciplinary service lines, ensuring that industrial assets are safely-reliably built and maintained in the optimal condition throughout their lifecycle, supporting projects to safely achieve operations and maintenance targets and realize their maximum economic value.

Our service lines include Scaffolding, Access and Containment, as well as Conventional Insulation, Insulated Soft-Covers, Specialist Coatings, Passive Fire Protection, and Cladding Services.

Our People

The people that comprise our company are highly valued, we believe that they are crucial to our growth and success.

All of our service lines are provided by local project teams that are properly qualified, well managed, equipped and trained, and provided the utmost guidance for HSE and QA/QC, with competent management in place.

Scaffold Solutions supports and engages First Nations and others local to the communities surrounding the projects where we work, in order to build project teams comprised of First Nations and others local to the region.

As those local are recruited, trained and developed as technical experts and professionals, we build project teams that share in our values and ultimately champion our aspirations.

Our ability to bring together good people local to the region and foster common values towards achieving congruent aspirations, results in project teams that can deliver leading regional-industry service in the most safe cost-competitive manner.

Our Programs, Accrediting Bodies and Union Relations

Scaffold Solutions operates projects according to the highest standards, as a company with leading HSE and QAQC programs, and overall organization endorsed by industry Accrediting Bodies.

Striving to recruit those local to the First Nations and communities surrounding industrial projects in the region, we engage regional First Nation and community associations to unionize, train and develop apprentices and journeyman.

Scaffold Solutions is Signatory to the following Unions.

Our Management

Wilbrod Lavallee



Willie Lavallee, B.com.
Project/Business Coordiator


Janet Lavallee



Everett Giles

HSE Manager, NCSO