A Tradition of Excellence, Reaching New Heights Safely.


Scaffold Access and Containment

If you need Supporting Scaffolding or Containment Systems, we’re always available, our company can tailor cost-effective solutions.

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Insulation, Coating, & Cladding

If you need Insulation, Removable Covers or Metal Cladding, we’re innovating logistics, our company can deliver in extremely short lead times.


Site Maintenance

If you need Road & Grounds or Structures maintained,  we’re bundling this service line, our company can be an organized point of contact.

Our Clients


Who We Are

Scaffold Solutions – A Tradition Of Excellence, Reaching New Heights Safely

Scaffold Solutions is a family owned-managed aboriginal business stemming from Alberta’s Wood Buffalo district, largely employing those of First Nations and others local to the area, we provide a multi-disciplinary suite of related service lines in support of heavy industry in the region.

We offer proposals inclusive of our competitive rates, with ability to collaborate to provide the best-in-class service.

Why Choose Us

Honest And Dependable

Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and they are highly trained, using ingenuity to solve problems, and sincerely working hard to do right by their clients.

Proficient and Safe

We arrange to deliver proven solutions on behalf of our clients – reliably as promised, on time and within budget, and we do it all safely.

We Can Rise to the Challenge

We have all the resources, financial wherewithal, and organizational expertise to fill the role of any size mandate deliverable as part of our service line.

We Live Where We Work

All of us at Scaffold Solutions live where we work, let us grow with you, as our organization and team member families benefit from your support, we increasingly better the community.

As a family owned-managed aboriginal business that’s local to the region, with sincere values and good people in place to perpetuate them, we are a business with a lot of potential and ability to do good for the community at large.

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